What is the principle of the drying function of the washing and drying machine?

Update:17 Aug 2018

Q: What is the principle of the drying function of the […]

Q: What is the principle of the drying function of the washing and drying machine?

At present, most of the washing machines on the market are condensed and dried, that is, the air enters the heating pipe through the fan, and the hot air enters the inner cylinder, and the humid air in the inner cylinder exchanges heat and heat medium, and becomes hot and humid air sprayed to the inner and outer cylinders. On the condensing disc between them, the condensing tray quickly cools the hot and humid air, turns the water into the water storage box, and circulates to achieve drying of the clothes.

In order to improve the drying efficiency, the company has increased the area of the condensing tray. For example, an oversized condensing disc with a diameter of 485 mm has been realized on the market, or a channel for increasing the air volume is realized, thereby achieving a minimum loss from the heating tube to the laundry flow process, thereby Improve drying efficiency and reduce drying time. According to the actual needs of users, many washing and drying machines generally have several drying modes, such as wearing, ironing, storing, and timing drying. Consumers can freely choose according to actual needs.

Q: What are the benefits of washing machine frequency conversion?

In the past two years, our consumers have no stranger to the concept of frequency conversion. The key technologies of the inverter washing machine include two aspects, one is the motor technology, especially the DC brushless motor manufacturing technology; the other is the motor control and drive technology. Domestic research and development and the use of frequency conversion technology is the earliest enterprises such as Hisense. From the overall point of view, the frequency conversion washing machine has the characteristics of energy saving, ultra low noise, variable water flow, high dehydration speed, etc., and is also a relatively high-end technology in the washing machine technology.

The biggest feature of the inverter washing machine is that the mute effect is obvious. If the speed can be adjusted according to the weight of the clothes, etc., the spin-drying program can be automatically adjusted during dehydration to prevent the machine from shifting, thus effectively reducing the sound and vibration. In addition, the efficiency of the frequency conversion washing machine in terms of water saving and power saving is very high. In general, the energy  wash motor efficiency of the inverter washing machine can be increased by 1/3 compared with the ordinary product, the noise is reduced by 34 dB, and the degree of washing is also greatly improved. At the same time, the application of frequency conversion technology on the washing and drying machine, in addition to the quiet operation of the laundry, also ensures the safety of clothes drying. If the motor temperature or the inverter temperature is too high, you can start the overheat protection system yourself.

Q: Can the washing machine now intelligently control the water intake and time according to the weight of the clothes?

Many automatic washing machines now have intelligent fuzzy control. That is to say, the company has a built-in fuzzy control chip in the washing machine, which can select the appropriate water level and washing time according to the weight of the clothes and the like, and realize the automatic adjustment of the fuzzy control parameters, and the water distribution is more accurate. However, many washing machines now display the washing patterns that consumers often use, such as cotton washing, chemical fiber washing, wool washing, etc. Take a Hisense washing and drying machine as an example, which is equipped with 16 washing modes, which can fully satisfy The need for daily laundry.

Some washing machines also have a self-checking function for foam. When a foam residue is detected, it will automatically rinse again. At the same time, the washing machine with heating and washing function will also realize the intelligent control of water temperature, that is, set different water temperature according to different materials of clothes. At the same time, the application of the frequency conversion technology also enables the washing machine to better adjust the operation of the motor and the inner cylinder during operation, and realizes ultra-quiet operation.

Q: Is there a function called air washing on the drum washing machine? What is air washing?

Simply put, air washing is to convert the air in the cylinder into ozone for air washing, using ozone to sterilize, disinfect, remove odor, deodorize and sterilize and then reduce to air, which can be said to be very environmentally friendly.

Air washing is mainly for clothes that are easily deformed by materials or things that cannot be washed, such as children's toys, guest slippers, etc., which not only guarantees no deformation, but also has better sterilization effect. For example, after the party, there is smoke and barbecue smell on the new clothes. The air wash function can easily remove the odor, so this function is very practical for daily life. However, if you want to decontaminate or need to wash with water, for example, if you only want to decontaminate and want to remove the smell, you can choose the quick wash function, which usually takes ten minutes to complete the whole process.

Q: Does the washing machine need regular cleaning?

Because the environment inside the washing machine is very humid, after a few days of inactivity, a lot of mold may be produced. The longer the use time, the more chances of internal mold growth, the possibility of infection and causing skin disease, so the washing machine needs regular cleaning.

In general, if the washing machine itself does not have a barrel drying or barrel cleaning function, it is best to clean it once a month, you can use a special washing machine tank cleaning agent, open the washing machine with 35 degrees of warm water, according to the standard washing procedure of the washing machine. Wash it again. The washing machine itself is very convenient to clean the cartridge. With this function, the washing machine will automatically clean the inner cylinder. For example, Hisense's cartridge cleaning has the functions of washing and air drying, which can thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the cylinder. . In addition, some washing machines also have 95° sterilization washing, which can also achieve comprehensive high-temperature decontamination and antibacterial action on the inner and outer cylinders of the washing machine, maximally remove the mites and allergens on the clothes, and effectively eliminate the secondary pollution of the washing machine. .