A carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238 plays

Update:30 Jan 2019

A carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238 plays a vital r […]

A carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238 plays a vital role in the performance of an HVAC system. Its function is to cool the hot, refrigerant gas to a cool liquid. Most of the carrier condenser fan motors today are a single speed although some ultra efficient split systems now have an ECM condensing fan motor. If the motor is not spinning the fan blade on your heat pump or air conditioner condensing unit, it may not be an issue with the motor itself. There could be a minor electrical issue involving a low ambient control, capacitor or a relay. If your system is turned off, you may attempt to spin the condenser fan blade. If the blade is tight and will not turn, the motor has locked and will need to be replaced. The many working gears and windings within the motor are under almost constant use and like any other component on a condensing unit are exposed to the elements.

As we are in the heart of air conditioner season, you may find yourself China motor for air conditional suppliersdealing with an expired carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238. Fortunately, this is a repair that can be done by non-professionals. Start by confirming the issue is in fact a motor in need of replacement. Begin by turning off the power to the A.C unit. Then manually try spinning the fan blade. If the blade doesn’t turn freely, the motor is in need of replacement.
Once you are ready to install your carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238, start by shutting down all electric supply to the AC unit via the breaker box for safety precautions; it’s very important that you don’t skip this step. Before removing anything, take note of the motor’s wiring (what colors of wiring, how they are connected, etc.). The fan and motor can now be dismantled, which is generally done by removing bolts on the band that secures the motor. In some units, these bolts are actuallyWashing Machine Spin Motor Wholesalers attached directly to the motor. Now remove the fan blade. Before doing so, take note of the blade’s position on the shaft. Loosen the screws, and remove the blade from the motor shaft by twisting and tugging. Once the old unit is out, to install the new one, simply reverse the process described above. Be especially careful when reinstalling the fan blade. Make sure the blade is centered in the fan motor’s opening.

But you are not quite done. Every time you replace a carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238, you should also replace the AC’s run capacitor, which is a cylinder-shaped device that helps to start or run motors. To replace it, again take down all technical data on the unit, and note wiring colors and positions before removing it with a screw driver. As with the fan condenser motor, your run capacitor replacement selection is based on its technical data, not shape or size.

To install the new carrier condenser fan motor HC39GE238, reverse its removal process, but before replacing any covering and reactivating the AC, go stand outside by the AC and wait for the contractor to come on. When it does, it will buzz or hum and may take several minutes to do so. After hearing the contractor, replace the covering and restore power. Test the AC to make sure fan and cool aiproduction are normal before resume using it.