An induction motor can be used as an induction

Update:17 Jan 2019

An induction motor can be used as an induction generato […]

An induction motor can be used as an induction generator too. You can also make one in your home too. For induction motor you can use a fan (exhaust fan or stand fan).

To make an induction motor a induction generator, you China wall fan motor Manufacturersneed to operate it in breaking region i.e, instead of getting mechanical energy you need to give mechanical energy to the rotor of the induction motor and the electric supply terminal will give electric energy instead of taking. But electrical power is of two types active power and reactive power. To get reactive power, you need to connect an inductor or inductive load against the supply terminal. This  standing fan motor manufacturers reactive power will magnetize the inductor core. But to get active power, you need to have capacitive load connected against the supply terminal. Active power is what actually we use in an Electrical device.

In case of fans, capacitor is used against supply terminal for phase split as fans have single phase induction motor. Now, if the fan is rotated by external means using a primemover and not electric supply, the supply line to the fan will give active power output you can use to glow few LEDs or other equipments.

To understand clearly what I mean and how to do, check out this video on YouTube, I made as a demo and give it a try. (Quality is a little objectionable, I understand).