Analysis of the development status of China's motor manufacturing industry

Update:02 Aug 2018

As an important part of the equipment needed for the pr […]

As an important part of the equipment needed for the production and living of the national economy, different motors should appear in different functional requirements, and are widely used in machine tools, rolling mills, water pumps, pumping units, conveyor belts, production lines and other equipment. As an important part of the production chain, the development of the motor industry is crucial.
In 2017, the motor manufacturing industry maintained a slight increase in revenue, but profits fell.
Following the rise in prices of silicon steel, copper and aluminum, castings, etc., the motor industry will face various cost pressures from the price increase of machinery and equipment. In 2017, the media called it the "black swan" year of the motor industry. The environmental supervision, the rising prices of raw materials, the subsidy of new energy policies, and the depreciation of the renminbi... have made motor companies unprepared.
In this context, the growth rate of China's motor manufacturing industry slowed down significantly in 2017, while the total profit declined.
According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales revenue of China's motor manufacturing industry in 2017 was 888.425 billion yuan, which was basically flat in the year, while the total profit was 56.407 billion yuan, a slight decline from the previous year.

   Comparison of motor listed companies in 2017: Most companies maintain revenue growth, but net profit declines
From the perspective of enterprise development, compared with the revenue spin motor data of domestic listed motor companies in 2017, it can be found that nearly half of the company's profits have fallen sharply, and some enterprises are still able to maintain growth.
Judging from the changes in the number of enterprises above designated size, the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2017, the number of motor manufacturing enterprises above designated size in China increased by only 5 from 2016, with a total of 2,854.

According to the "2018-2023 China High-speed Motor Industry Market Prospect and Investment Planning Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, compared with the operating income of 10 motor listed companies, the top ten listed companies except Zhenghai Magnetic Materials and Blue Ocean Huateng's operating income In 2016, the operating income of listed companies such as Founder Motor and Jiangte Motor increased, and the growth rate of Dayang Electric, Huichuang Technology and Yingweiteng was faster.

Comparing the net profit of 10 motor listed companies, only the net profit of Founder Motor, Jiangte Motor, Huichuan Technology and Inventec is higher than 2016 level among the top ten listed companies. The net profit of other listed companies is lower than that of the previous year. Level. Among them, Jinlong Motor has experienced a significant decline.