Are you worried about electricity bills every month?

Update:11 Aug 2018

Are you worried about electricity bills every month? Tr […]

Are you worried about electricity bills every month? Trying to find a way to save electricity is counterproductive? In fact, as long as you use some power-saving tips in your daily life, you can reduce the burden of your electricity bill.
1. TV set
Today's TV sets are basically LCD TVs. Most of them do not have mechanical switches. Only the remote control switches consume some power in the standby state. Although they are insignificant, they are less and more. Therefore, it is best to turn off the power plug together after turning off the TV. This is energy-saving and safe, and avoids accidents (such as lightning strikes) when the TV is not in the home.

The brightest state consumes 50% to 60% more power than the  motor for washing machine darkest state, so the TV energy saving should control the contrast and brightness, and the TV brightness is lowered, which can generally save at least 10%. The power of LCD TVs is mainly in backlights. Most LCD TVs have automatic brightness control. The brightness of the backlight is automatically adjusted according to external links. It is recommended to turn this function on when watching TV. Generally, it will save 20% to 30%, sometimes even Saving about 40%.

2. air conditioning
Air conditioning is the "power king" in the home. Install thick curtains and open doors and windows to reduce the influence of sunlight and hot air, which can help reduce the power consumption of air conditioners. In addition, keep the air-conditioner air outlet unblocked, and clean the air-conditioning filter once a month to ensure that the air supply port is unobstructed and reduce the power consumption caused by the blockage.

When using the air conditioner, pay attention to regulate the temperature, do not adjust the temperature too low, because each increase can save 10% of the power. Experts recommend setting the indoor temperature between 25 degrees and 27 degrees, which reduces temperature and saves electricity, and also reduces the probability of colds. The power saving effect is very obvious. The homeowner can't start the compressor frequently. It must be turned on two or three minutes after the shutdown. Otherwise, the compressor will be overloaded and burned, and it will consume a lot of electricity.

Many people like to sleep in the air at night. In fact, it is unnecessary to drive all night. If you get up at 7 or 8 in the morning, as long as your room does not heat up too fast, time to 4 or 5, then use the residual temperature to let the room Cool is also a power saving trick.

3. refrigerator
Most families choose to put the refrigerator in the kitchen, but some kitchens are too hot and not suitable for the refrigerator. If you can't change it, try to put it in the shade, avoid direct sunlight, and don't put it together with the oven, TV, microwave oven, etc. To reduce the power consumption of the refrigerator.

Many people think that hot food is fresh, and it is easy to break without putting it in the refrigerator. In fact, if you put the hot food directly into the refrigerator, the internal temperature of the refrigerator will increase, causing the refrigerator to increase the intensity of refrigeration, resulting in increased power consumption, so do not put the hot food directly into the refrigerator. Too much food storage will increase the power consumption of the refrigerator, leaving a gap for the cold air circulation, so that the food is cooled faster, reducing the number of compressor operations and saving energy.

4. washing machine
First of all, to buy a water-saving and power-saving washing machine, choose a washing machine with four hooks. Before washing, soak the clothes in the washing powder solution for 10 to 14 minutes, let the detergent and the dirt on the clothes work, and then wash. In this way, the running time of the washing machine can be shortened by about half, and the power consumption is reduced by half.

Try to get enough clothes and drive the washing machine. The amount of clothes put into the washing machine should be appropriate each time. If the clothes are too small, water and electricity will be wasted. If too much clothes will cause the motor to overload, it will not be clean and not clean.

Choose the right water level. Too much water will increase the water pressure of the wave plate, which will increase the burden on the motor, which will cost electricity. If the water volume is too small, it will affect the turning of the clothes and consume time and electricity. Thick clothing, dark and light clothing should be washed separately, not only washing more clean but also washing fast.
5. Rice cooker

When making rice, it is best to soak the rice in the clear water for about 15 minutes, then put down the pot, which will greatly shorten the cooking time, and the cooked rice is particularly fragrant. When the rice in the rice cooker is cooked, turn off the power switch for 8 to 10 minutes, and make full use of the residual heat of the electric heating plate.

If the rice cooker is used for too long and is not cleaned, it will cause a layer of oxide on the bottom and outer surface of the inner pot, which may affect the energization. Therefore, the pot should be immersed in water and wiped with a rough cloth until the metallic luster is exposed.