How can I clean the motor rotor oil?

Update:20 Jan 2020

It is definitely not possible to use only an ultrasonic […]

It is definitely not possible to use only an ultrasonic cleaner. It must be combined with a cleaning agent.
The cleaning agent can't be chosen randomly. It must be carefully selected according to the material structure shape, dirt properties and cleanliness requirements of the product you want to clean. At present, the environmental protection is very strict, many cleaning effects are good, low-cost but not environmentally friendly cleaning agents, such as trichloroethylene, white electricity oil, etc. can not be used, it is recommended that you use hydrocarbon cleaning agents.machine Wash Washing Motors
Hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a hydrocarbon composed of two elements of carbon and hydrogen. Its properties are stable, it does not cause any corrosive effect on metal products, its density is smaller than water, and its permeability is stronger.
The solubility parameter SP value of general hydrocarbon cleaning agents is between 7-8. This value is compatible with most metalworking oils, such as cutting oil, rust prevention oil, stamping oil, punching shear oil, tempering oil, and tapping oil. The SP value (7-8) is the same, so it is easy to dissolve the residual oil stain after processing, and has good cleaning ability.
And most importantly, it can be recycled and reused, and there is no sewage discharge.
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The new ball has only been made of hydrocarbons for fifteen years, and there are more hydrocarbon patents!