How does the motor's stirring speed change?

Update:24 May 2019

The speed of the motor is determined by the number of w […]

The speed of the motor is determined by the number of winding groups, such as a 4-pole motor (which refers to a motor with two pairs of magnetic poles). When the frequency is 50 Hz, the rated speed is 1450 rpm.
In the case of a certain number of poles, to adjust the motor speed, the most convenient is the frequency conversion. In other words, as long as you add a frequency converter, you can change the speed of the motor. This speed adjustment can be stepless, with relatively few changes to the machine.motor for blender suppliers
However, since the fixed speed motor cooling fan is fixed to the motor main shaft. Therefore, after the speed is reduced, the fan speed is also reduced.
The variable frequency motor fan is separately powered, and the change of the motor speed does not affect the cooling fan speed. Therefore, in fact, this need to be slightly modified to avoid burning the motor.
Of course, the final output speed change can be achieved with the gearbox, and the price of the continuously variable transmission is not cheap.