How to repair the washing machine motor not rotating?

Update:18 Dec 2020

When the washing machinemachine Wash Washing Motors is […]

When the washing machinemachine Wash Washing Motors is washing clothes, if the motor buzzes, but does not turn, it may be a problem with starting the electric Zhuan. If there is no sound from the motor, it is possible that the lid linkage switch of the dehydration barrel is faulty. Check carefully and you can always find the problem.


Check whether the belt is loose, check the pawl and the clutch, check whether the brake is tight or the mechanism plate on the drum cover is broken

The automatic washing machine does not turn and buzzes and does not turn. How to solve the problem that the rotating motor does not rotate. Some motors with clutches are very hot. The starting capacitor may be broken or the wire ends may not start. If there is no clutch, see if the motor is stuck. Do not let the belt idle motor test, whether it is stuck, if it is not stuck, most of the starting capacitor is faulty

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