How to Test and Replace a Washing Machine Motor

Update:15 Nov 2019

Let me give you the run down of the tools you'll need: […]

Let me give you the run down of the tools you'll need: an ohm meter, screwdriver, and flashlight. One last thing though, you must remember to disconnect the power source to your washer before you begin testing the motor. Unplug the washer from the outlet, or remove the appropriate fuseMotor For Washing Machine from the fuse box. Once you do that, you are ready to begin.

First you will need to find where your washing machine's motor is located. You will notice some wire leads that are attached to the motor, disconnect the two wire leads that are connected to the wiring harness. Next, you will want to set your ohm meter to the R x 1 setting. If your ohm meter has a setting where it will beep if it reads continuity, you should put the meter on that setting. I find it to be easier that way. Alright, so next you will want to touch each of the metal probes to one of the terminals. Your meter should be giving a reading of close to zero. Next, you will need to check the ground wire connection. To do this you will place one of the meter's probes on the metal motor housing, and put the other probe onto each other terminal. Test them one at a time, your meter should not give you any reading during this test. If your motor fails either test then you will have to replace it.

Here is how to replace your washing machine motor. Since you just did the tests on the motor, you should know where it is located. Disconnect any wires that lead to the wire harness. The wires are usually held in place by a metal clip. Just grasp the connectors and pull on them, try not to pull on the wires themselves. Now, your washer's motor is probably held in place by some screws. Use your screwdriver to remove all the screws, and put them in a safe place for when you re-assemble your washer. Also, there might be a spring that helps hold the motor to the machine, remove the spring, but make sure you replace it once your new motor is in place. Now you can remove the old motor and put the new one in place. If you removed the spring, put that back on first. Next, grab the screws and put them back in place to secure the motor to the machine. Now, reconnect the wires to the wiring harness; this part is easy because the wires are usually color-coded. That's it - that is how easy it is to replace your washer's motor.

Re-assemble your washing machine in the same way you took it apart, and then plug it back into the outlet. You should run your washer through a cycle with no clothes to ensure that the machine is functioning properly. If it is having problems, you should contact a technician to come out and take a look at your washer.