my country's small and medium motor industry will continue to develop

Update:27 Nov 2020

In the next few years, my country's small and medium-si […]

In the next few years, my country's small and medium-sized motor industry will continue to develop. It is understood that the impact of national macro-control on the cooling of the machinery industry will gradually appear. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of the machinery industry will be about 20%, which is about 10% lower than last year. While the growth rate has slowed down, power generation equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, and nuclear power plant production equipment will remain the focus and highlights of the next development of the machinery industry.
   West-to-East power transmission, the Three Gorges Power Station and other projects have entered the peak of production
  The development of the electric power industry will stabilize the effective demand of the motor market. China's power construction is developing at an extraordinary speed. The current increase in installed capacity is equivalent to one year to add a national installed capacity in Sweden and one in two years to increase the national installed capacity of the UK. Last year, the national installed capacity of power generation reached 391 million kilowatts. At the end of 2003, the scale of power generation projects under construction exceeded 130 million kilowatts, a record high in the history of my country's power construction. Key projects such as "West-to-East Power Transmission" and the Three Gorges Power Station have entered the peak of production, ushering in the best period in the histo


   Information from an authoritative organization shows that the national installed capacity of power generation will reach about 660 million kilowatts in 2010. That is to say, during the seven years from 2004 to 2010, the average annual installed capacity of power generation will be more than 37 million kilowatts, with an average annual increase of about 7.8%. The average annual demand for AC motors from 2004 to 2010 is about 130 million kilowatts. This shows that the effective demand for large, medium and small AC motor products in the domestic market will maintain steady growth.
  According to statistics, in recent years, the international market for electric motors is in great demand and is in a stage of high growth. With the further expansion of the foreign market of motor products, small and medium-sized motors will have major breakthroughs in export volume, varieties, product grades, and foreign exchange earnings. How to integrate into the international market in the next few years and strive for more market share will become an important lifeline for the development of my country's small and medium-sized motor industry in the future. According to market demand, the current urgent need for development should be: products with high technical level and good market development prospects; "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" products and environmentally friendly products for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.
  The market demand for high-efficiency energy-saving, rare earth permanent magnet and other motor products continues to grow
   High-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products will become the focus of market attention. At present, my country's power energy is becoming more and more tense, and the development of high-efficiency motorWashing machine wash motors manufacture series products should be accelerated to meet the needs of the rapid development of my country's national economy. Due to the immature market conditions, the current high-efficiency motor products and market capacity are relatively small. The development, publicity and promotion of high-efficiency motor products are also relatively expensive. For the high-efficiency motor market, opportunities and challenges coexist, with more opportunities than challenges, and the prospects for development are optimistic. The "Research on Key Technologies of China's High-Efficiency Motors" project passed the appraisal and acceptance at the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute in March this year, and proposed the design principles for the development of China's high-efficiency motor series. Conscientiously implementing energy efficiency standards and implementing an efficiency certification system are the top priorities for the motor industry. Motor manufacturing enterprises should continuously improve production process equipment and testing equipment, improve the ability to mass produce high-efficiency motors, and enhance market competitiveness to meet market demand. Energy-saving products have attracted increasing attention from users. To promote the sustainable development of the national economy, we must focus on energy-saving effects. Motors are used in general machinery such as fans, pumps, compressors, etc., using variable frequency speed regulation, which can achieve considerable energy-saving effects. In addition, the application of process speed control, traction speed control and precision speed control can also greatly improve the product process level, product quality and production efficiency.
   The market demand for motor drive system products has been increasing. New technologies have brought new development opportunities to the motor industry. With the mature development of power electronic technology products and the increase in customer demand for automation, individual motor products are becoming more and more diluted. Nowadays, the transmission problem cannot be solved from the inside of the motor alone. It is necessary to look at the motor, speed control device and electrical appliances. Success is a whole. The market demand for personalized one-to-one motor drive system products will continue to grow, and it is becoming a prominent feature of high-tech and high-growth motor companies.
  The development direction of motor products and drive systems is: integration. That is, the power electronics, motor and control system are highly integrated, so that the three are more closely integrated from design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance; intelligent. That is, a large number of applications of adaptive, fuzzy, and various artificial intelligence control methods based on genetic algorithms; generalization. That is, the same transmission system can implement different control methods for different forms of motors and different operating modes; information. That is, the modern electric drive system is not only a device for converting and transmitting energy, but also a channel for transmitting and exchanging information.
   There is also a better market for special and special motors. For example, pump motors, fan motors, durable motors suitable for high temperature, dust, dirt or harsh atmospheric environments, washable motors suitable for food processing and other humid environments; anti-corrosion motors suitable for petrochemical plants; applicable Agricultural motors used in agricultural outdoor operations.
   The application prospects of rare earth permanent magnet motors are very promising. my country is a large country with rare earth resources, accounting for 80% of the world's proven reserves. Abundant raw material resources give my country an advantage in the production of NdFeB magnets. In the next 5 to 10 years, the demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials in my country will increase at an annual rate of 20%. At present, my country has made great progress in the research and development of rare earth permanent magnet motors. Shenyang University of Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua University have successively developed rare earth permanent magnet motors and achieved many results. With the improvement of the performance of rare earth permanent magnet motors, the improvement of drive and control systems, and the reduction of costs, rare earth permanent magnet motors will increasingly replace traditional motors, and their application prospects are very promising.