Stepper Motor Basics

Update:26 Feb 2020

A stepper motor is a digital device. Digital informatio […]

A stepper motor is a digital device. Digital information is processed by the stepper motor to accomplish an end result, in this case, controlled motion. One may assume that a stepper motor will dependably follow digital instructions, just as a computer is expected. This is the distinguishing feature of a stepper motor.The stepper motor is an electrical motor that is driven by digital pulses rather than a continuously applied voltage. Inherent in this concept is open-loop control, wherein a train of pulses translates into so many shaft revolutions, with each revolution requiring a given number of pulses.Each pulse equals one rotary increment, or step (hence named, stepper, stepping, or step motor), which is only a portion of one complete rotation.machine Wash Motors Suppliers

Therefore, counting pulses can be applied in the stepper motor to achieve a desired amount of shaft rotation. The count automatically represents how much movement has been achieved, without the need for feedback information, as would be the case in servo systems, and other technologies.Although not required, most stepper motors can accommodate an encoder when desired.