The earliest ancestors of mankind, in the absence of clothing

Update:23 Aug 2018

The earliest ancestors of mankind, in the absence of cl […]

The earliest ancestors of mankind, in the absence of clothing, were blinded by leaves and gradually realized the farming civilization. Nowadays, there is a lot of clothes in the house at home. There are so many.

However, after all, the clothes are dirty, and after all, they are washed. Since ancient times, cleaning clothes have been cleaned by hand, and even with a stick to beat. In the society that is now so developed, how do we clean this new era of laundry?

Compared to everyone's answer, the washing machine will be said in the same way. Yes, the invention of the washing machine has greatly reduced the burden on human beings, freed hands and saved time. So for the many washing machine brands on the market, do you know how to choose?

Today, the author will take you to pick the washing machine. In the new era of laundry washing machine spin motor , of course, you have to choose the washing machine that best suits you.
According to the type of washing machine, there are mainly three types of pulsator washing machine, drum washing machine and agitating washing machine. In China, pulsator washing machines and drum washing machines are more common. So what are their specific advantages and disadvantages?
Advantages and disadvantages of two types of washing machines
First, the drum washing machine
The drum washing machine is to beat the laundry by imitating the stick, and the drum is rotated by the mechanical work of the motor, the clothes are continuously lifted and dropped in the drum, and the repeated movement is performed, and the washing powder and the water act together to wash the clothes.
Drum washing machines originated in Europe, most of them are side-opening and of course inclined drums.

1. The wear on the clothes is small. Suitable for the washing of valuable clothes such as cashmere, wool and silk;

2, due to the use of lifting and washing methods, can effectively prevent clothing entanglement;

3. Washing is cleaner. Especially in the winter, by washing and washing, the washing powder is fully dissolved, and the decontamination performance is better;

4, drying function can accelerate the drying of clothes, and can be disinfected and sterilized;

5, more water saving. The drum capacity of the same capacity is 1/3 to 1/2 of the pulsator;

6. Because the drainage method is upper drainage, the installation position is more flexible. The side opening can also be embedded in the installation, which saves space.


1. Long washing time. Especially heating and washing;

2. Power consumption is large. Heating and washing and drying functions require power consumption;

3. The price is high. The drum washing machine has a complicated production process and the price is higher than the pulsator;

4, can not add clothes in the middle. The side-opening drum cannot be opened during the re-washing process;

5, the weight is relatively large, not easy to move;

6. The drainage method of the upper drainage, in the case of more detergent foam, the foam is difficult to discharge.

Second, the wave washing machine

The pulsator washing machine simulates the laundry on the washboard, relies on the pulsator mounted on the bottom of the washing tub to rotate the front and back, and drives the upper, lower, left and right flips of the clothes to cause friction between the clothes and between the clothes and the wall of the barrel. Decontamination cleaning is achieved under the action of detergent.

The common pulsator washing machine is further divided into a fully automatic pulsator washing machine and a semi-automatic pulsator washing machine.


1, the operation is simple. For the elderly in the home, it can also be used simply;

2. Save electricity. It does not require heating;

3, the washing time is short, generally 40-50 minutes;

4, the open type of open cover, you can add clothing in the middle;

5, the price is cheap. More affordable than the drum washing machine;


1. Large water consumption. When there is no laundry, there is more water consumption;

2. The clothing is worn out. The washing is performed by friction between the clothes, between the clothes and the inner tube, and is easily entangled;

3, because it is the way of drainage, it must be installed next to the sewer;

4. There is no drying function.

That is a simple comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the pulsator washing machine and the drum washing machine on the market, then what should we pay attention to when choosing a washing machine?

· What do you mainly choose to choose a washing machine?

1, cleanliness and damage rate

Since it is washing clothes, it is of course important to clean the clothes and whether they are damaged.

For the drum type washing machine, it is rotated by the drum in the forward and reverse directions, and the clothes are lifted up by the ribs, and are freely dropped by gravity to simulate the handcuffs.

The washing degree is uniform, the damage rate is low, and the clothes are not easily entangled. The drum can also warm the water to further improve the washing effect, and even protect the clothes without using a high-corrosion detergent such as a collar.

For the pulsator type washing machine, it mainly relies on the eddy current generated by the high speed operation of the pulsator to impact the laundry, and washes the laundry by the action of the detergent.

The cleaning degree is 10% higher than the roller, and the wear rate is also 10% higher than the roller.

2. The amount of water and electricity used

The washing power of the drum washing machine is generally about 200w, and the dehydration is proportional to the rotation speed. If the water temperature is added to 60 degrees, the clothes are generally washed for more than 100 minutes, and the power consumption is about 1.5 degrees. If drying, time and clothing Texture related, at least 40 minutes.

The washing machine, the power is generally around 400w, washing clothes up to 40 minutes, so the power consumption is much smaller. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is about 40-50% of the pulsator.

3, capacity

At present, the capacity of the washing machine is 2-6 kg.

The capacity of the drum washing machine is 3-5 kg, mainly 5 kg.

4, the price

The price of the washing machine is generally more expensive than the drum type, and 2,500 yuan is the dividing line between the price of the pulsator and the drum.

As for the choice of washing machine, we have a general understanding of its advantages and disadvantages and how we should consider when choosing. So apart from these, where should we start to buy?

· Washing machine purchase, but also need to combine their own family

No matter which kind of washing machine we buy, we need to pay attention to our living habits and family conditions.

1, first of all to determine the price of clothes and washing machines

If there are more wool and silk clothing, it is recommended to buy a drum type washing machine;

If you are mainly washing cotton clothes, it is recommended to choose agitating and drum type washing machines.

2. Secondly, we also need to consider whether the household's electricity capacity is large enough, and whether tap water is convenient.

If there is a hot water source in the home, there is no need to choose a washing machine with a heating element.

3, in the selection, but also to understand the noise and trouble-free running time of the washing machine

In general, the lower the noise, the longer the trouble-free running time, the better the quality of the washing machine.

In the new era of laundry, we have learned to wash clothes since we started with clothing. In today's society, the popularity of washing machines has also liberated the masses and enjoyed the power of technology. In the new era, of course, we must use new technology. How should the washing machine of the new era be chosen? Of course you can't miss this washing machine.