The motor can be likened to the heart of the range hood

Update:22 Aug 2020

The motor can be likened to the heart of the range hood […]

The motor can be likened to the heart of the range hood. The suction of the range hood, the strength of the noise, and the length of the range hood are closely related to the motor. Therefore, the quality of the motor directly affects the overall strength and weakness of the range hood. We understand that the quality of the motor is critical.

A good motor not only has a long life but is not easily attenuated. Many friends here have to ask, what is attenuation? Attenuation is like when a new cigarette machine is bought. At that time, basically, the soot can be sucked away, and the suction rate is high. However, after a few years, under normal maintenance, the motor suction rate is slowly lowered. This is attenuation.standing fan motor manufacturers


Now the motor casing has two forms, one is the fully enclosed type as shown in the left figure above, and the other is the semi-closed type as shown in the right figure. The dust-proof performance of the fully enclosed motor is much better, and the semi-closed soot After the break-in, it is easy to breed the sludge, and over time, the motor speed will be reduced, the noise will increase, and the life will be shortened. Semi-closed motors are less expensive, and only some very cheap hoods are still in use today, and most hoods have used fully enclosed motors.

The current motor is basically a pure copper enameled wire with a copper wire inside and an insulated enamel coating on the surface. Therefore, the higher the purity of the copper wire, the stronger the conductivity, the better the heat dissipation capacity and the longer the life..