The ones that are not damaging your clothes

Update:12 Jan 2019

The ones that are not damaging your clothes in the name […]

The ones that are not damaging your clothes in the name of washing them. Many washing machines tend to give a very rough wash to the clothes in order to clean them. In doing so, the quality and shine of the clothes degrade irreparably.

Okay, I have a confession to make, which I’ll make towards the end of this answer.

See, when it comes to a buying a washing machine, there are particularly Washing Machine Spin Motor three areas on which one needs to pay most attention to:-

The build quality of the drum
Capacity of the motor
The availability of water
The build quality of the drum into which the clothes are loaded for washing needs to be inspected thoroughly. The drum should preferably made from materials like high tensile strength Stainless Steel from which the drum should be made such that it can withstand higher spin speeds
Next, comes the capacity of the motor

When we talk about the motor, there is one rule of thumb: Always choose the motor that spins at at least 720 RPM. The capacity of the motor is often overlooked by some buyers who are not much aware of what to look for when buying a washing machine. A higher capacity motor ensures lesser dry times and therefore shorter wash cycles.
Following the motor is the ready availability of water.

This quintessential factor in determining the performance of a washing machine is the ready availability of water to wash the clothes. No matter how potent your washing machine is, if adequatewash motor amount of water is not available for the selected wash program, there is absolutely no benefit.

If water is available in limited quantities at your locality or if there is no continuous supply of water then it is better to invest in a Front loading washing machine since they tend to use far less water than the top loading ones as they make use of gravity to wash clothes.
The information that I have written above is not my findings but of someone else. I was looking to buy a washing machine for myself since the past ten days and had researched both Quora and Google for an answer that could help me take a buying decision.

As a potential buyer, it was very essential for me to get answers to questions like:-

Should I go with a top loading or a front loading washing machine, according to my wash requirements.
What drum capacity of the washing machine should I look for, according to my wash requirements considering that I stay by myself in Noida, as I have my job here.
Since top loading semi automatic washing machines cost several thousand bucks lesser than the fully automatic ones, should I save some money and buy the semi automatic one instead.
Unfortunately, most of the answers focus primarily on the product and the features that are on offer. (No offence). I had almost lost all hope to find a satisfactory answer, but then…