The role of the motor

Update:28 Apr 2019

The role of the motor: the electrical energy of the bat […]

The role of the motor: the electrical energy of the battery is converted into mechanical energy, driving the wheel of the electric vehicle to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous riding of the electric vehicle.

When the motor is working, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not rotate, and the alternating current direction of the coil is completed by the phase changer and the carbon brush which rotate with the motor. The brush motor has a larger force than the brushless motor, and the line is less, and it is a positive and negative and a negative line. If the motor is reversed, just reverse the position of the two wires to complete.washing machine ac motor

In the electric vehicle industry, there are brush motors for high-speed brush motors and low-speed brush motors. There are many differences between brushed motors and brushless motors. The easiest way to distinguish them is: brushed motors have carbon brushes, and brushless motors have no carbon brushes. However, the brush motor is noisy, and the brush motor has been basically eliminated.

Common types of motors include brushed high-speed hub motors, brushless low-speed hub motors, brushless and low-speed hub motors, brushless high-speed hub motors, and side-mounted motors.