The washing machine motor does not turn

Update:03 Apr 2019

The most common problem with your problem is the clasp […]

The most common problem with your problem is the clasp spring problem.

During normal washing, the spring should be disengaged. Only when dehydrating, the spring will hold the inner and outer shafts. Since it is not detached from the rust for a long time, or the fixed end of the circlip can not be fixed, the problem can be solved by simply removing the cleaning and lubricating oil, and the pawl wheel is not disengaged when washing, and the problem needs to be adjusted. position.

Finally, please don't ignore: the possibility that the motor will rotate but not wash when washing: pulsator card; remove foreign matter; loose pulsator or eclipse at the joint; replace or repair the pulsator. This should be the capacity reduction of the motor capacitor or The belt on the motor wheel is slack and slipped. You can try a capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage, and then check if the belt is loose. Use a multimeter to easily determine if the capacitor has a serious breakdown fault. If the resistance is extremely large, it indicates that the resistance is not broken down, but it does not indicate that the capacity of the capacitor is normal.motor for washing machine

Assume that the motor and capacitor are good. Check the results, there is no problem with the power supply. You can turn the motor first and then energize it immediately. 2 possibilities:

1 winding burning (turn-to-turn short circuit) makes the starting torque sufficient;

2 The capacitor is enough to start the torque. The capacitor has the original rated capacitance and can be started smoothly without adding a new load. (Using a long-oil smoked blade, it is basically sure that the winding short-circuit plus capacitor makes the phase angle deviation 90 degrees, which is good for In the motor winding motor winding group, the short-rotation torque balance causes the motor to be difficult to open. The motor-turning force of the hand-cranked motor is shorter than the same, resulting in the motor balance caused by the stress balance of the motor per pole. The motor is disassembled and the bearing cover is smelled. Paste the taste, sure the motor winding problem is to be repaired.