Washing machine belt drive or motor direct drive, which is better?

Update:04 Sep 2020

In terms of the development of science and technology, […]

In terms of the development of science and technology, direct drive transmission is better than du belt transmission, which can effectively improve the transmission efficiency of high kinetic energy, reduce the internal energy loss, but the power is limited. At present, the material technology has no obvious advantages in direct drive products. , It has certain advantages only in low-speed transmission.



Take the washing machine at around 5,000 yuan in the market as an example:
Motor material: Is it better for a metal motor or a plastic motorwashing machine motors for sale?
Motor life: 25 years or 12 years is better?
Noise: BLDC motor, motor noise + belt noise 46 decibels. DD motor, no belt noise 50 decibels. 46 decibels loud noise or 50 decibels loud noise?
Speed: The belt motor basically rotates 10 times and the barrel rotates once. The DD motor is directly geared to the barrel. One revolution of the motor drives the barrel to make one revolution. Taking a 1400 rpm washing machine as an example, is a 14000 rpm high speed motor better or a 1400 rpm low speed motor better?
The drum washing machine originated in Europe, and it was a washing method from Europe. European brands such as Siemens, Dr. Miller, and Miller all use belt motors.