Washing machines can really help people save a lot of time

Update:21 May 2020

Washing machines can really help people save a lot of t […]

Washing machines can really help people save a lot of time and reduce the burden of household chores in people's home life, especially in families with children. Do you know that the motor of the drum washing machine is the core component of the drum washing machine? The quality of a motor directly determines the service life and function of the washing machine.

I believe most people can recognize which washing machine they need. This time we will talk about the specific choice of the drum washing machine. Since the water in this area has been very deep, there will definitely be no place to talk about it. I hope that everyone will give suggestions and correct me. I will try to update it so that I can make it more Many people benefit.Motor For Washing Machine manufacture

The biggest feature of the drum is that it saves water and time. If you want to know the working principle and scope of application, you can look at the previous "roller or pulsator selection". In addition, the cleaning ratio of the drum and the pulsator is different from that of the control group used, so the washing ability between the drum and the pulsator cannot be measured by the washing ratio.






There are a lot of motor types on the market, and there are different differences between these motors, which makes many people very confused. Nowadays, the famous washing machine motor has DD motor, BLDC motor, S-D Plus from Haier and GE, Toshiba S-DD and series motor.

DD motor: direct drive direct drive motor, DD direct drive main change is from the previous belt with the medium as the medium operation mode, become the direct drive of the motor, improve the efficiency, reduce vibration, reduce noise, remove the belt, etc. Parts can also reduce a certain amount of space, which is considered to be a more advanced connection mode. The main brands used by DD motors are LG, Sanyo and Panasonic.

Inverter motor, the motor itself has no frequency conversion function, "frequency conversion" is the commercial copying word, the motor here is an AC motor, because the speed of the AC motor is proportional to its power supply frequency. The frequency conversion function is generated by the inverter, which can realize the stepless speed regulation of the motor! Now as long as it is a big-name washing machine, it is a DC brushless motor! In order to attract consumers, it will be written as a DC brushless inverter motor!