What Advantage for Inverter Motor by Comparing Traditional Motor?

Update:08 Jul 2020

1, More efficient In the operation of all household app […]

1, More efficient

In the operation of all household appliances motors , they can incur different levels of harmonic voltage and current, leading to the motor in the running of non-sinusoidal voltage, current. The higher harmonics cause the increase of the stator copper loss, the rotor copper loss, the iron loss and the additional loss, and the most significant is the rotor copper loss. Because the ordinary AC asynchronous motor is close to the fundamental frequency corresponding to the synchronous speed of rotation, therefore, higher harmonic voltage with a large slip difference after cutting the rotor conductive bar, it’ll have a great rotor loss. In addition, we need to consider the additional copper consumption due to skin effect. These losses will make the motor extra heated, reduce efficiency, reduce the output power, but if the use inverter motor, the energy consumption can be reduced by 20% -30%.machine wash motors Washing


2, longer using life

The motor carrier frequency is about several thousand to ten-kilo hertz in working status, which makes the motor stator winding to withstand a high rate of voltage increasing, equivalent to the steepness of the motor impose a great impact voltage, the motor insulation between the turns to withstand the more severe test. The inverter motor can work under the voltage under the rectifier filter, the performance can be more stable, and using life can be longer.




3, Lower Noise

Due to electromagnetic, mechanical, ventilation and other factors, inverter motor vibration and noise become more complex. The time-varying harmonics contained in the variable-frequency power supply interfere with the inherent spatial harmonics of the electromagnetic part of the motor to form various electromagnetic exciting forces. When the electromagnetic force wave frequency and the natural frequency of the motor body consistent or close to the natural frequency, it’ll produce resonance phenomenon, thereby increasing the noise. As the motor operating frequency range wide, a wide range of speed changing, a variety of electromagnetic force wave frequency is difficult to avoid the various components of the motor's inherent vibration frequency. But the inverter motor can effectively solve these problems.