What are the classifications of permanent magnet synchronous motors?

Update:30 Oct 2020

Broadly speaking, a permanent magnet motorMotor For Coo […]

Broadly speaking, a permanent magnet motorMotor For Cooker Hood Manufacturers bai refers to a motor that uses a permanent magnet du. This type of motor does not need to be excited. It can be roughly divided into: permanent magnet DC 1653 motor (with commutator), brushless DC motor (DC Motor characteristics, electronic commutation), permanent magnet synchronous motors (AC motor characteristics), etc.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor is just a classification of permanent magnet motor.
In addition, the classification of motors can be analyzed from multiple angles. From the principle point of view, they can be roughly divided into three categories: voltage control (direct torque control), such as brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors; frequency control (direct speed control), such as Induction motors and synchronous motors, etc.; magnetic field frequency control (using alignment principles), such as stepper motors.