What are the motor protection mechanisms of washing machine AC motors

Update:15 Jan 2024

The motor protection mechanism of the washing machine A […]

The motor protection mechanism of the washing machine AC motor is to ensure the safety and reliability of the motor under various working conditions.
Overheating protection:
Motors are prone to overheating when running at high load for a long time. In order to prevent motor damage caused by overheating, an overheating protection mechanism is usually used. This includes a temperature sensor that once detects that the motor temperature exceeds a safe range, the system automatically reduces power or shuts down until the motor cools down to a safe temperature.
Current protection:
Overloading or other abnormal conditions of the motor may cause the current to exceed the rated value. In order to prevent this situation from causing damage to the motor, a current protection device is used. The current sensor monitors the current of the motor. When the current is abnormal, the protection system will automatically cut off the power supply or adjust the working status of the motor to ensure that the motor operates within a safe range.
Short circuit protection:
A short circuit may occur in the coils or other parts of the motor, which may cause damage to the motor or a fire. In order to prevent the risk of short circuit, the motor adopts a short circuit protection mechanism. This can include using fuses or electronic circuit breakers to cut off power as soon as a short circuit is detected to avoid further damage.
Undervoltage and overvoltage protection:
Washing machine motors need to operate within a specific voltage range, and voltages that are too low or too high may cause damage to the motor. To prevent this, undervoltage and overvoltage protection mechanisms are used. The power supply voltage is monitored through a voltage sensor. When the voltage is abnormal, the protection system will take corresponding measures to protect the motor.
Starting and stopping protection:
When starting and stopping, especially when starting and stopping frequently, the motor may be subject to impact loads, which affects its life. In order to slow down the impact when starting and stopping, soft start and soft stop technology are used to gradually increase or decrease the power of the motor to make it start and stop smoothly and reduce mechanical stress.
Load aware protection:
Some washing machine motors have a load sensing function, which adjusts the operating status of the motor by sensing the load in the drum. This protection mechanism helps avoid vibration and noise caused by load changes, improving the stability of the washing machine.