What are the types of range hood motor

Update:23 Apr 2020

At present, the types of range hood motors are divided […]

At present, the types of range hood motors are divided into two types, one is semi-closed type, and the other is a fully enclosed type. The fully enclosed type motor is much better than the semi-closed type motor. It will enter the inside of the motor through the gap, causing damage to the motor, resulting in reduced suction, increased noise, and reduced life. The fully enclosed fully protects the motor from oil smoke.Copper Wire Absorb Lampblack Machine Motor
2. The stacking number of the motor also has a great impact on the performance of the motor. The stacking number of the motor refers to the number of electronic rotors. The higher the stacking number, the greater the number of rotors and the corresponding volume. The stronger the smoke extraction effect, the better. At present, there are 16 #, 18 #, 20 #, 24 #, 28 # stacked motor, and 24 # on the market, which is relatively good, and 28 # is very good.


3. It depends on the material of the motor winding to determine which hood motor is good. The best material at present is pure copper wire. The higher the purity of the copper wire, the stronger the electrical conductivity, and the heat dissipation ability is also very good. The suction power of the range hood is greater, and the noise is still very small.
4. The bearing of the motor also determines the quality of the motor. The Japanese bearing is relatively the best at present. Many big brands use imported bearings from Japan. When you choose, you should pay more attention to see if the motor is Not imported.
5. The steel plate material for motor manufacturing is also worth paying attention to. The best steel plate material at present is cold-rolled steel plate, but the specific material of the steel plate is generally not introduced to consumers, so consumers cannot know the specific material of steel plate.