What is an inverter direct drive motor in a washing machine?

Update:14 Feb 2019

Direct drive means that the motor connects directly ont […]

Direct drive means that the motor connects directly onto the back of the drum shaft, traditionally this was done by using a belt.

Inverter means that there is an electronic drive control system between the incoming power supply and the outgoing power to the induction motor.

The advantage of Inverter drive is that the speed and China motor for blender manufacturerstorque of the motor can be precisely controlled so the result is a very quiet and smooth motor action. It also doesn’t have traditional brushes so doesn’t suffer from sparking or brush wear. The downsides are costs if they go wrong as the circuit board and induction motor are expensive.

With some products like an AC unit inverter motor control representsMotor For Cooker Hood Manufacturers a big efficiency gain and running cost saving but there is little to be gained efficiency wise from using it in a washing machine. It is nice to not have the high rpm motor scream though.

Belts are also very reliable now so direct drive offers no real advantage imho.