What is the difference between a motor and a motor?

Update:16 May 2019

The motor, from the English motor, was transformed by J […]

The motor, from the English motor, was transformed by Japanese and passed to China as a motor. Motor is the meaning of movement and maneuvering. Therefore, the motor is very wide. Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and other electric motors are just one type of motor. However, we usually use more electric motors. Therefore, in general, the motor means that the motor is only a kind of motor, and the internal combustion engine is also. There are also pneumatic (hydraulic) motors that are driven by compressed air or hydraulic oil.china Spin Motors Manufacturers

The motor and the motor are the same thing, and they are devices that convert electrical energy into kinetic energy.
An engine is a machine that can convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy, including, for example, an internal combustion engine (gasoline engine, etc.), an external combustion engine (Stirling engine, steam engine, etc.), an electric motor, and the like. For example, internal combustion engines usually convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. The engine is suitable for both the power generating device and the entire machine including the power unit (eg gasoline engine, aero engine). The engine was first born in the UK, so the concept of the engine is also derived from English, and its original meaning refers to the kind of "mechanical device that generates power."

The body is the skeleton that constitutes the engine. It is the foundation for the installation of various mechanisms and systems of the engine. It is equipped with all the main parts and accessories of the engine inside and outside, and is subjected to various loads. Therefore, the body must have sufficient strength and rigidity. The body group is mainly composed of cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head and cylinder head gasket.